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Bas van Beek in Speculative Design Archive

In Speculative Design Archive, Van Beek showed a spatial dialogue between pieces that match his method of  ‘archiploitation’. He never starts with a blank sheet of paper, but embroiders on what already exists. Appropriating and transforming other people's designs is essential to him, a strategy to question the status of heritage and a way to let this heritage live on and acquire new meaning. This was shown in the Speculative Design Archive in fabrics inspired by designs from the Bauhaus and the Wiener Werkstätte, hexagonal cups and saucers after a design that Frank Lloyd Wright made for the American expansion of Glasfabriek Leerdam and the tea set Missing Link, Van Beek's ceramic revival of a 1924 Berlage service in pressed glass that Het Nieuwe Instituut exhibits in the museum villa Sonneveld House.


The accompanying brochure provides the (American) public context for Bas van Beek's work and examines in more detail the way in which design heritage is dealt with at the various Dutch institutions involved. An article is also devoted to the collaboration between architect Frank Lloyd Wright and director of the Glasmuseum Peter Cochius in the 1920s. The role of client that museums fulfil is discussed in an article about house styles. With contributions from: Frederike Huygen, Charles Esche, Jan de Bruin and Maartje Brattinga. Graphic design: Geke Zaal.

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