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What’s next for you? Are there topics/methods that you might take away from your experience at Studio Formafantasma, and explore further in your practice?

This experience has been incredibly formative and not only in terms of the many things I learnt working with Studio Formafantasma. The position of embedded researcher, in fact, proved to be a vantage point to participate in a whole series of tasks and arrangements institutions like Het Nieuwe Instituut and the Serpentine Galleries carry out to realize events such as Cambio. This will definitely change the way I approach my practice in the years to come.

Regarding my next steps, I can’t wait to dedicate some time to a couple of projects I now feel I can develop with increased ability and enthusiasm. Hostile Environment is definitely one of them; at the moment I am collaborating with Hanna Rullmann, a talented researcher and video-maker, on a specific case study situated across the Franco-Italian border. We are interested in exploring the capacity of the Roya River - an Alpine stream that crisscross the border - in retaining information of past events and mediating border violence through its liquid matter. In the long term, though, my goal is to expand the geographical focus of the project to the entire Alpine arc. The idea of compiling a comprehensive ‘Alpine border ecology’ is what focuses my attention at the moment.